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A Bit About Us.


Bark & Vine was started as an Instagram page 3 years ago to share our gardening experiences as new plant parents and new homeowners. We wanted our adventure to be a guidebook for people who constantly say “I can't keep a plant alive” to show that green thumbs are earned, not gifted. Just as everything in life with a dash of research and a pinch of patience you’ll be on your way to a recipe for success.

With all the resources available to us on the internet and the community, we learned a lot over these past few years. We started to understand plants and how they communicate. It’s not loud, nor with words. It’s through the silence of observation. 

Having our dog, Coco, barking while we garden gave us the idea for the name, Bark & Vine. Our new home quickly filled with houseplants as we brought our passion and knowledge of outdoor gardening indoors. “Barks and vines? It must be home!”

Fast forward years later and the passion we have for gardening has flourished.  The dream of bringing plants to our community cemented our aspirations of opening our very own shop and our road was made clear.  Of course, a green thumb works better with company, which is how we entwined our long-time friend and greenhouse companion, Raquel, into our vine.  Plus, she was already Coco approved!

Whether you’re a first time plant parent or a long time enthusiast, us plant lovers at Bark & Vine will be "rooting" for you…and our little dog too!

Just as the vine grasp the bark of the tree in order to grow, houseplants rely on us to thrive in our indoor jungle.