Plant Installations: Transforming Spaces With Custom House Plant Design

Lush greenery, fresh air, and a vibrant environment... Sounds amazing, right? If you've been dreaming of a green oasis of plants suited for your space, we can help you achieve your vision. The Studio at Bark & Vine is a recently launched initiative and is your go-to for all things plant installations!

We've worked with hotels, offices, and restaurants around New Haven and throughout Connecticut to create a welcoming environment with custom plant installations that fit each unique space. Here's how we do it:


Every installation project, from a residential living room to a large office space, begins with a consultation. The Bark & Vine installation team will visit the space, review the lighting, get to know our client's care expectations, and then suggest some preliminary options. We love discussing design and layout, so ask us about how we can elevate your space with design elements, including stand-out pots, beautiful plant hangers, and more. 


Once we have an understanding of each client's plant needs and overall vision, we begin sourcing. Our team will work to find the perfect plants and pots for your space, fitting your current design aesthetic or working to develop your dream space. 


After materials have been approved and plants secured, we schedule the installation. The Bark & Vine team will bring all necessary materials and get to work potting, planting, and turning your space into a sleek, fun, energizing area.


Plants don't live in a silo; they're exposed to changing elements and human interaction. Taking care of plants is more than just watering - we handle cleaning, treating pest issues, pruning, and feeding your plants on a regular schedule. This part of installation work keeps your investment healthy and looking great. 

Why Biophilic Design Is Beneficial

Enhancing Air Quality: Plants act as natural air filters, absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen, improving overall indoor air quality. This helps reduce the prevalence of airborne pollutants, which can be found in synthetic materials commonly used in office furniture and equipment.

Boosting Well-being: Numerous studies have shown that being in the presence of plants and organic elements can reduce stress levels, enhance your mood, and increase productivity. Plants inside echo nature outside, giving a relaxed vibe and comfortable atmosphere.

Absorbing Noise: Strategically placed plant installations can absorb sound and reduce noise levels, leading to increased privacy and reduced distractions. Ahhhh, relaxing among plants. It doesn't get better than that. 

Improving Brand Image: For office spaces and restaurants, plants can transform a sterile environment into a vibrant and inviting space. Plants create a visually pleasing atmosphere that can positively impact clients, visitors, and employees alike.

Learn More About Plant Installations 

Incorporating plant installations into offices or working with our team for your personal space is a great way to harness the benefits of biophilic design. From clean air and calm vibes to supercharged brainpower and style for days, plant installations bring life and energy to your home or office. 

We're ready to help you discover how you can transform your space with plants and accessories; reach out for more information today!